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Why do people buy Macy’s?

I'm curious about the general motives for buying M. Obviously the stock is staying under the $20 mark for a while and it keeps running in circles. If the dividend is the main motive for buying, It is easy to find much better options for a dividend... —  read more 

Sell or not?

I bought NKE when it was sitting at $90 in late 2022. I am now in a profitable situation and want to sell. Many of my friends advised me to hold a little more, but to be perfectly honest I don’t see a lot more growth potential with NKE. The stock... —  read more 

Are there individuals who feel remorseful for selling their IBM shares and investing in one of the FAANG stocks?

I, for one, do regret this decision. Despite the pessimistic forecasts for IBM, we can observe that the stock has maintained its stability even during unfavorable market circumstances. In contrast, there is now genuine uncertainty about whether... —  read more 

Some advice please

I was hoping to get some tips on good dividend stocks with which I could replace XOM in my portfolio. To be more precise, I am looking for alternatives outside the O&G industry. I figure things could get bumpy in this sector in the years that follow... —  read more 

Results were blowout

Nike delivered another strong quarter in Q3 and stock jumped in after topping earnings expectations. The company also addressed inventory issues. However, I'm not sure if Nike will be able to improve the inventory situation in the coming... —  read more 

GAIA Interesting news. Folks are apprehensive of this company but I'm nevertheless invested in this stock.

Novavax will be okay

I admit, I just decided to buy it last week, so I'm not long in this game, but I did do my research. The biggest reason I'm certain this will do well is the flu/COVID vaccine the company is working on. These things are now our reality and people... —  read more 

CRM is holding up

With the market trending down, it is a real surprise that this stock is still holding up. We should not forget that the Salesforce's EPS is expected to grow 32.7% this year. Year-over-year cash flow growth is 12.1%.

XOM has shrunk

Some analysts advocate this stock even though it continues to act poorly. They base their position on predictions that supply imbalances caused by production cuts from OPEC and a recovering Asia Pacific economy will probably remain stagnant for... —  read more 


Some Wall Street analysts slashed the price target on Etsy from $150 to $85. There are also those who think that Etsy will continue to go down to $60. Isn't that a bit too much? I don't believe it will come true.

Investments in AI

I've been thinking about analyst Vivek Arya's prediction that generative AI could help the company generate almost $80 billion in revenue and $14 in earnings per share in 4 years from now. Hopefully that estimate wasn't too excessive, right? —  read more 

Imports banned

Investing in this stock is pretty much like throwing money into a bottomless pit. Sell ​​now that ITC has banned imports over streaming technology? Anyone else think that now is the right time to sell?


Stock price in the $30 range is disappointing. Perhaps 5G wireless services will reignite earnings, but I'm not confident that the quarterly financial results will be good. What are your predictions?

Free fall

I will hold for a little while longer, but I would like to remove this stock from my portfolio soon. Coronavirus crisis eases, employees return to offices, but I'm not sure that Zoom is doing enough to expand the amount of services it offers to... —  read more 

No need to worry

I know Costco posted mixed results last week, but the company continues to record growth even if at a slower pace. Not to mention, it still has enviable membership numbers. People are quick to panic, but when it comes to Costco, I honestly believe... —  read more 

I'm so disappointed in NIO

I had high hopes for this stock in the sea of EV-related stocks. At first, it justified my confidence, but for the last year and a half, it's been a constant downhill ride. I hate to admit I was wrong, but I guess I did make a mistake with this one... —  read more