Topics regarding ExxonMobil (XOM) stock

Topics regarding ExxonMobil (XOM) stock

Good free cash flow numbers

I’m reading in the media these days that XOM now ranks as the third biggest generator of free cash flow on th S&P 500 index, trailing only behind Alphabet and Apple. The Oil prices are looking good and the company's business numbers seem to b e... —  read more 

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A good buy even at this price

Even with oil prices going down there's little doubt that XOM is going to continue to deliver. Yes, it was better to buy before the stock rose to nearly $100 again but I believe it is still a good investment even at this price. This and CVX are my... —  read more 

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Now is the time to dump XOM

I am glad that I was wise enough to buy XOm when it took a dive in 2020. Thought that I would hold on to this stock for a long time, or at least that was my plan at the moment. Now, in these strange times, and even though the XOm stock is doing... —  read more 

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Not a good time to pick up XOM

I understand that most people who buy XOM buy it to be a long time part of their portfolio, but if there was a time not to buy that time is now. Even though the oil prices are good, it didn’t take more that a few days of the Russian-Ukrainian... —  read more 

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Time to dump

The current political climate is not good for O&G companies and taking into account the several recent incidents considering EM specifically, I'd say the stock's prospects don't look good. If you're brave I guess you can continue to hold and hope... —  read more 

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Is it time to dump XOM?

That’s the thought that keeps crossing my mind more and more lately. I have a substantial amount of XOM shares in my portfolio which I bought in early 2020. I was planning to hold on to it for a while, given that at the time I was under the... —  read more 

Having faith in XOM paid off

I held some XOM already, and when the stock dropped in September I decided to increase my stake. It was a calculated risk on my part and it paid off. The stock has rallied and I'm very happy with how my portfolio looks currently. I'm even considering... —  read more 

Conflicted about the dividend

As a shareholder I certainly appreciate Exxon’s determination to maintain its dividend but to a certain point. When that determination starts causing downgrades and affecting the stock price, then it might be time to reconsider. The debt is getting... —  read more 

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Should I sell?

I’ve been holding onto XOM hoping it’ll pick up once again but I’m starting to worry this stock is doomed and I should just sell at a loss. I can understand the market-crash loss but it’s had plenty of time to recover since then and it hasn’t. I just... —  read more 

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