Topics regarding IBM (IBM) stock

Topics regarding IBM (IBM) stock


I bought IBM at the start of the year and I watched it go up and down, up and down ever since then. I didn't invest too much, luckily, but I can tell you that the last seven months have not been fun for a new investor. Now that the stock is finally... —  read more 

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Advice on buying IBM

I want some advice. I’m relatively new to investing and I want to build up a nice dividend based portfolio that could serve me long term. On one hand IBM is pictured as a good, stable stock that is almost perfect for dividend based investing. Let’s... —  read more 

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Cloud revenue growth rate

Highest sales growth quarter in a decade is good news. I'm interested in whether someone has compared IBM's Cloud revenue growth rate to the company's competition? I am still in doubt whether it is worth investing in this stock in 2022 or not.

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It all depends on the new CEO

IBM spent years selling valuable assets to be able to pay a dividend. In my opinion, that was a very misguided approach. If the (relatively) new CEO focuses on creating value rather than selling it, IBM could do really well once again. It'll take... —  read more 

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No reason for me to go with IBM

These days I’m looking into the options of adding some shares of tech companies into my portfolio. As far as I could research, many people are still suggesting IBM. This time I think I’ll pass. A lot of tech companies show much bigger potential at... —  read more 

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Do not buy

I don't know many tech companies that managed to fail to capitalize on the pandemic, but IBM is one of them. If the revenue dropped by 4% at the time when others were smart enough to use the opportunity that presented itself, then I worry about... —  read more 

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Seems to be on the right path

I've owned IBM for a long time, including in its heyday when it reached the $200s, so seeing it dip under $100 at times was a bitter pill to swallow. Now, I've finally started regaining confidence in the stock. The path might be slow, but I think it... —  read more 

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IBM is still a good bet for me

I understand that IBM is not a stock to buy for those looking for a short-term gain but lately a lot of people I know that have long-term, dividend-based portfolios are talking about dropping IBM. I owned quite a portion of IBM and I buy a little... —  read more 

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Recent IBM Stock Gains

Circa 2009 was the start of the greatest bull market in history, and it was led by technology stocks. Yet our previous CEO found a way to swim against this mighty current and quarter by quarter, year after year, revenues fell, RAs were executed, and... —  read more 

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My take on IBM's future

no innovation ibm's moats and barriers to entry are getting weaker management is all about cost control, growth & r&d is secondary do no treat employees well (this is a big one) acquisitions are haphazard and weak so, i do not see... —  read more 

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