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I know this chain isn't everyone's cup of tea (or slice of pie) but please put your personal biases aside when looking at Domino's. You simply can't deny that this stock is a stable and safe investment and it's a must-have because of that.

Is F a buy now?

Last year I made a very nice amount on Ford. Should I buy more now? At the moment it seems to me that most people are trying to sell F. I don't know, I'm not sure... July sales jump. Meanwhile, price hikes are on the way, F-150 Lightning model is... —  read more 

Still under 100

AMD should be almost 110 now. Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason why this stock is still below 100? I'm making a comparison with NVDA and it doesn't make any sense to me that NVDA is up 5% and AMD is up only 3%. What is happening... —  read more 

A huge disappointment

I decided to give SE a chance in January, thinking it was a temporary slump and a good buy at that price. I was wrong. The stock just kept going down and while it has at least stopped plummeting, it's not showing any indications of recovery any time... —  read more 


Is there anything that can be changed or improved to give investors more incentive to give BOXL the attention it once had? Or is it too late. Maybe some change in management is in order. I don't have faith in the current management at all and I think... —  read more 

Unbreakable Baidu

It has been a tough few years but Baidu is still going strong despite ongoing issues with the pandemic and the shambling economy. I believe this only shows how special and worthwhile this company is.

Advice on buying IBM

I want some advice. I’m relatively new to investing and I want to build up a nice dividend based portfolio that could serve me long term. On one hand IBM is pictured as a good, stable stock that is almost perfect for dividend based investing. Let’s... —  read more 

Stock split

I generally like the idea of stock splits. However, after the stock split was announced, TSLA opened with a nearly 2.6% drop the following morning. Why the negative drop after approval? What is your opinion on that?

About LAZ

I understand being hesitant about LAZ but one thing I just have to laugh at is when people say that this stock is unreliable. That's just silly. Sure, it is a risk but you can say that about a lot of other companies as well. Why single out LAZ? It... —  read more 

This one hurts

I admit I jumped on the bandwagon when it dipped in 2021 and when it started climbing again I was giddy with excitement over the great choice I made. And then the company started to flounder and the stock started falling. And falling. And it keeps... —  read more 

Amazing earnings

Last year was extremely difficult because shares lost a lot of their value. I almost gave up but I still held on. Now the company's beat earnings expectations, the latest moves are all very good. However, I know that many are in dilemma about what... —  read more 

Missed earnings

Earnings slumped 42% and that's awful. I hope that GM remains one of the top auto stocks to buy, but I'm thinking more and more about getting out. Do you also think that GM is in trouble or do you expect it to recover quickly?

Really worrying...

When is Tesla expected to REALLY start to rise again? I'm starting to worry. I can't help but feel that 2022 will only continue to be just a truly bad year for the company and I can't see anything that could change that at the moment.

Is it time to sell?

Am I too late already? I bought it in 2020 at around $50, I enjoyed watching the stock grow consistently but now it's nothing but a constant drop. If I sell now I've already lost money, but I'm worried that if I wait any longer I'll lose even more... —  read more 

About XGN

It looks like to me that there is quite a lot to appreciate about XGN. There seems to be a lot of reasons to add it to my portfolio and after giving it some thought I decided to do it. It was very appealing to me at the time and while it seems like... —  read more 

Another major hit

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep Walmart if it keeps taking hit after hit. Just as it started to rebound slowly from the latest major dip, here we are again. I'm new to investing and this is one of the first stocks I bought thinking it... —  read more 

Get it while it is hot.

This stock is too good to ignore. It's cheap and it would be really beneficial to get it ASAP, precisely because it's cheap and the timing is perfect to do it now. I don't see the downsize at all. Is there one at all? I just don't see it.

Cloud revenue growth rate

Highest sales growth quarter in a decade is good news. I'm interested in whether someone has compared IBM's Cloud revenue growth rate to the company's competition? I am still in doubt whether it is worth investing in this stock in 2022 or not.

Sell if you're smart

If you didn't sell yet, now's the time. Tesla is looking at a complete crash before it stabilizes where its actual value is - which is somewhere in the $80-$120 range. Those who are waiting for a rebound and are considering buying are not seeing the... —  read more