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Booming AI market

The potential of this technology is unquestionable. The market for AI products is quite obviously set to explode. I am most interested in the extent to which AMD will manage to capture its fair share of this booming market?

Good advice

7 Stocks to Buy for This ‘Washing Machine’ Market Visa (V): Rising prices and inflation, coupled with an unemployment rate that remains relatively low, have more people than ever using their credit... —  read more 

Results were horrendous

I somehow anticipated that there would be terrible results, so I sold, and I will buy again when the price is better. Consumers have pulled back on discretionary spending. How much more will the stock price drop? Any thoughts?

Not good

Nike — Shares fell by more than 2% on news that the company may face more than $530 million in fines for misclassifying thousands of independent contractors, according to a report from The Guardian... —  read more 

CALX is undervalued

I'm not sure what's keeping the company in the $40s, but I don't think that's the true reflection of its value. CALX, in my opinion, can easily reach $60s and even higher. I have supported this with my buying - I have strengthened my position several... —  read more 

Stock under $100.

Not that we didn’t get used to the free fall of the stock that’s been happening,but going under the value of $100 seems like a definite confirmation that this company is going under. Even though the definite demise of 3M may not happen today... —  read more 

Profitable return in the future

I am considering adding HCA to my portfolio. Economic conditions are not the best, but I think this stock will do well, and the company has increased its 2023 guidance. I think the purchase would provide a very solid return in the future?

$40 stock price

I now regret not buying more immediately after the financial results. Chances are that there will be a healthy growth here. However, I don't know if it is realistic to expect price to reach $40 by the end of the year?

This is brutal

The news that the company has recalled 2 million bikes for repairs is terrible. Now that the stock has fallen further, I wonder if there is any hope that this company will be profitable in the future?

Drop in PayPal stock

The drop happened after the CEO revealed his expectations that AI is going to enable the company to meaningfully lower costs in the future. Do you think that it is a huge overreaction? I definitely do.

Harmonic is doing well

Harmonic is currently at the highest it has been in the last two decades. The company's results are really good, plus the guidance looks great. It will continue to grow, there's no doubt about that, but I'm wondering if it will grow enough to justify... —  read more