Topics regarding Walmart (WMT) stock

Topics regarding Walmart (WMT) stock

I am concerned about this stock

The company is now laying off employees. I lost money entering this stock and now I regret not buying Amazon shares instead of WMT. I have heard some speculations from people about whether there will be a dividend cut. What do you think?

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Another major hit

I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to keep Walmart if it keeps taking hit after hit. Just as it started to rebound slowly from the latest major dip, here we are again. I'm new to investing and this is one of the first stocks I bought thinking it... —  read more 

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Buying Walmart- pros and cons

I would like it if people who bought or are thinking of buying Walmart, post their poos and cons for buying stock. I’ll start: What definitely tempts me to buy is the fact that the company is constantly growing and provides good profit. the other... —  read more 

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Not for me

I've considered buying Walmart several times because I believe there's potential there but every time I decide against it for one reason: how they treat their employees. A company can treat people who work for it well and do great - just look at... —  read more 

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I made the smart move

I find it funny when people see WMT dip and don't jump at the opportunity to buy. I did so a little over a month ago and I'm already seeing great results. This is one of the easy ones, folks. There might come a day when Walmart is no longer relevant... —  read more 

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Exercise caution

Walmart is a juggernaut in terms of retail and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. I bought them a couple or so years ago and I had no complaints until recently that is. The drops from Walmart have put me on edge and I'm not the only one... —  read more 

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