Topics regarding NVIDIA (NVDA) stock

Topics regarding NVIDIA (NVDA) stock

I think NVDA is on its way back

It has been a rough six months or so but I think NVDA is ready to make a comeback. I don't expect to see it reach the November price, that was not realistic, but I do believe that it will land somewhere around $250 in the next month or two. I have no... —  read more 

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Minor revenue beat

I expected the results to be much better, but sadly no. So now I don’t expect shares to rise much after this earnings report. Moreover, some believe that shares will even drop. I’m not happy with NVDA, I thought I would gain a lot more with this... —  read more 


Am I the only one who thinks Nvidia is significantly overpriced? I see so many sites recommending it as a buy when I'm positive that it's only a matter of time before we see a significant drop that'll bring it more in line with its actual worth (not... —  read more 

Runs in the family

For the past two years, I've been increasing my position in Nvidia and AMD and for a good reason. Both have been doing great and both have a very good outlook. Considering that the CEOs of the two companies are related, it doesn't surprise me that... —  read more 

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