Topics regarding The Boeing Company (BA) stock

Topics regarding The Boeing Company (BA) stock

Will we see a huge pump?

If it turns out to be true what I read in the media that the FAA has reportedly signed off on the company's plan to correct 787 production issues and than restart deliveries, that's really great news! I agree with those who think that it is an... —  read more 

BA is causing me unbearable stress.

I’ve owned BA for a couple of years and it has proven to be a good stock for me. Lately owning BA has been a cause of great stress for me. With all that’s been going on It’s like I’m watching the news and waiting in fear for another plane to drop out... —  read more 

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I’m buying

I don’t care that the Boeing stock is expensive, I have decided to buy. Even though everyone is saying that the stock has reached its peak I think it is shallow thinking. If the stock has reached this kind of value in these tough times and with the... —  read more 

Things are not looking good

I'm starting to think that my decision to buy BA might have been a mistake... • Boeing Dreamliner costs are out of control. • Company cannot provide or is unable to provide clarity. • Dreamliner delivery stop is hurting Boeing's ability to... —  read more 

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Boeing is looking up

Despite everything, Boeing's commercial business will once again soar thanks to 737 Max. Orders are coming in once again and once Boing comes out with a new design, sky (pun intended) is the limit. We are about to see major demand from airlines and... —  read more 

Will it ever recover?

I bought Boeing about three years ago, when it was about $350. That was before the whole 737 Max mess and the pandemic, neither of which I could have foreseen. I've been watching the stock go up and down, up and down for a while now and I'm starting... —  read more 

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