Topics regarding Lowe's (LOW) stock

Topics regarding Lowe's (LOW) stock

Am I late to the party

Buying LOW shares has been on my mind for a long time now. I admit I didn’t have the guts to buy it last year when it was sitting at 150 or something (What a mistake it was). Now the thought of buying is crossing my mind again. No doubt it's much... —  read more 

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Who would expect such growth?

Amazing earnings! LOW stock rose has brought relief to investors! I wasn't expecting this and I hope there won't be a painful slide back??? Unfortunately, what led to the joy also disappointed me. I’m disappointed with Home Depot performance because... —  read more 

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A sure winner

There aren't many stocks that offer a combination of dividend and growth potential and Lowe's is one of them. This was always a strong stock, but the latest CEO (who is not afraid to make the difficult decisions) is really pushing it to a whole new... —  read more 

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Lowe's is tempting

I'm not a stockholder at the moment but I'm seriously thinking of becoming one very soon. I have to think it over just a little bit more but it's obvious that Lowe's progressing nicely and they're doing really well in the meantime, regardless of this... —  read more 

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