Topics regarding Oracle (ORCL) stock

Topics regarding Oracle (ORCL) stock

Cerner acquisition

The talk of Oracle possibly acquiring Cerner has certainly pushed the latter's stock up, but not so much with Oracle. I think this is a good move, though, and it could reflect well on Oracle's stock price in the future. Things are not clear enough... —  read more 

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Oracle is overvalued

A lot o blabbing lately about Oracle being the stock to buy no. I won’t lie, It got my attention. Unfortunately for the ones who bought and fortunately for the ones that decided to pass, when you take a closer look under the surface, all doesn’t seem... —  read more 

Why I love and believe in Oracle

"The stock outperformed some of its competitors Monday, as Microsoft Corp. MSFT, -0.39% fell 0.39% to $288.33, Adobe Inc. ADBE, -0.34% fell 0.34% to $629.22, and Inc. CRM, -0.51% fell 0.51% to $249.32." I read stuff like that more... —  read more 

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Has it peaked?

I was going to add ORCL to my portfolio but I'm thinking that this might not be the right time. The stock is at its peak (other than the last couple of weeks but I don't see that staying true for long) and I'm not sure it has much left in it as far... —  read more 

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It's a no from me

To be honest, Oracle is definitely not a stock that I would even consider buying. All my acquaintances that had it have sold it. I don't even get how they're still around. I'd rather invest in MSFT than in Oracle. People might disagree with me but... —  read more 

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Safe bet

Oracle is getting stronger in cloud, it has a database used by many large enterprises, and it has a whole line of applications that go with it. Each of these are separate sources of revenue that are not going away any time soon. Oracle is one of my... —  read more 

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