Topics regarding Apple (AAPL) stock

Topics regarding Apple (AAPL) stock

I hope I'm not missing something

Now that Goldman Sachs has put a $199 price target on Apple, I regret not buying more in January when the stock was at $125. I must admit that I was surprised by the recommendation of buying AAPL for the first time in nearly six years, but I don't... —  read more 

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Nowhere to go from here

Yes, this was a great stock to own and if you bought it in time it's still a good dividend driver. However, buying now makes no sense at all. Only die-hard fans can believe that Apple will continue to grow at the rate it has been growing at. With the... —  read more 

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Is it bias or something else?

I hold Apple for almost seven years now and I'm not planning on changing anything in the future. That's just me though. I understand why not everyone would do it and I respect that but to outright say that this is a bad investment is just wrong... —  read more 

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Apple is still a good buy

I see some analysts (and I use the term very generously) advising that this is not a good time to buy Apple and that its growth is about to slow down significantly. Really? With a new product on its way in a few months, school season, and then... —  read more 

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