Topics regarding Cigna (CI) stock

Topics regarding Cigna (CI) stock

Can CI go up to 260 soon.

I’m sensing a good rising momentum with CI stock once again. I say once again because I have already made nice money on it, as I bought it for 211 bucks at the beginning of the year and sold it for 247. Does anyone else think this is really some... —  read more 

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Did I make a mistake?

I hopped on the CI wagon in February and I was happy with how things developed in the next few months, but now I'm starting to worry it was just a fluke and I made a mistake. Is the current dip something I should be worried about? I'd like to sell if... —  read more 

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A good stock

Despite the enormous economic and political changes we have seen in the past year, Cigna has proven to be able to overcome any difficulties put in its way. I side-eye anyone who tries to dismiss these accomplishments. By all means, have your... —  read more 

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