Topics regarding Shopify (SHOP) stock

Topics regarding Shopify (SHOP) stock

Is this good advice?

If you can look beyond Shopify's near-term challenges and the market's pessimism, Shopify looks like the kind of growth stock that's just waiting to take off, what with its growing merchant base, gross merchandise volume, and top... —  read more 

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I'm seeing positive changes

Several recent changes in leadership (including the appointment of Jeff Hoffmeister, formerly of Morgan Stanley as the new chief financial officer) are giving me hope for this stock. It's already up 10 percent in just a week and things will probably... —  read more 

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Is it time to sell?

Am I too late already? I bought it in 2020 at around $50, I enjoyed watching the stock grow consistently but now it's nothing but a constant drop. If I sell now I've already lost money, but I'm worried that if I wait any longer I'll lose even more... —  read more 

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