Topics regarding Xerox (XRX) stock

Topics regarding Xerox (XRX) stock

This is a good time to buy

Currently, the stock is around 35 percent under its pre-pandemic high. I see no reason why it wouldn't climb back now that things are slowly going back to normal, which in my opinion makes it a good buy that could provide quick profit within just a... —  read more 

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My interest in Xerox waned

Sad to say but this company is a sinking ship. I mean, look at the way how Xerox still clings to this 3D printing thing (among other things). It just feels misguided as it is obviously going nowhere. I was interested in it at first but the way... —  read more 

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Sell or have patience?

Does anyone even buy this stock anymore? It is true that performance grew before the pandemic and that the XRX may still surprise, but I doubt it will ever reach pre-Covid levels again. The company is alarmingly losing employees and customers... —  read more 

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