Topics regarding Wells Fargo (WFC) stock

Topics regarding Wells Fargo (WFC) stock

Is it time to sell?

I had a bit of luck ( and I like to think I had a little knowledge too) to pick up WF when it was sitting at 25$ in 2020. Looking at my thoughts back then I thought it would go a lot higher than the position on the market in which it is today ( 48$... —  read more 

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Waiting for quarterly results

I think 2022 could be a really good year for WFC. It certainly started well with the stock rallying in the last two weeks. I don't want to rush in before the quarterly results, though. There are still some questions left to answer, but I hope... —  read more 

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WFC= unnecessary stress

Is there anyone else who decided to dump WFC after a long run? I’ve picked up some shares at the beginning of last year and I think my patience with it has finally run out. The analysts say that no bank is a bad pick on the stock market at this... —  read more 

Still unsure about this

Yes, the stock has been doing solidly in the past year or so, but in the current political climate who knows what can happen. WFC has had a target (with a good reason, mind you) on its back for years and I don't see it going away any time soon. I... —  read more 

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Still not enough

Is WFC ever planning to bring back the dividend to its pre-pandemic levels? Their latest move (doubling it to 20 cents) still leaves it significantly below 51 cents and I don't like that one bit. How much longer do we have to wait for it? I'll be... —  read more 

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Now is the time to invest

This is the perfect time to invest in WFC. With whispers of the deal with the Fed on removing the size limits and the (relatively) new CEO who is not afraid to cut costs when costs need to be cut, I see a bright future for WFC stock. I think it might... —  read more 

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