Topics regarding AT&T (T) stock

Topics regarding AT&T (T) stock

T is not what it used to be.

I know that the stock value by itself was never the primary reason that people buy T stock, but the recent dips in stock value seem like trouble too, especially when we put them in the context of the recent business “successes” that AT&T... —  read more 

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AT&T is a steal at this price

Honestly, this is a perfect opportunity to get on the AT&T train or add to your portfolio if you already own it. It's only a matter of time before the stock starts going up once again, we all know that. AT&T is too big to fail. And as many have said... —  read more 

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Selling now is a huge mistake

Think about it. The company is about to spin off its media unit. If you're a shareholder, you'll receive shares of the new company. Why would anybody willingly say no to that? Afterward, sell all you want but doing that before only shows that you... —  read more 

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The lowest close since 11 years ago

I don’t want to wonder anymore if this is the bottom and what will happen with T after the spinoff merger with Discovery. Is it even necessary to explain why people want out? I am very unhappy with the whole board. I'm done with T!

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Times are changing

For how long will AT&T remain one of the dividend aristocrats? The only reason I'm still holding is the dividend but it doesn't look good in the long run anymore. There are plenty of others I could switch to that will provide me with the same returns... —  read more 

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I'm getting tired of this

What else is AT&T planning to sell? I didn't buy this stock to watch as the company continues to shrink. What's next? It's something new every week, so I know we'll hear about more BUs being sold soon. Some appreciate this approach but I certainly... —  read more 

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Stagnant growth prospects

I think my love affair with AT&T is finally done. I've seen it through thick and thin for the past ten years but the last few years brought one bad decision after another. Now even when the company spins off its media component, analysts are... —  read more 

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I'm not giving up on T

Yes, the whole Warner Media thing was a major miss but I am not surprised. I never thought T should move away from what it does best: telecom. That's where the company is the strongest and that's what it should focus all its attention on. When that... —  read more 

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T is a safe stock

I can't truly disagree when people say that Disney, Amazon, T-Mobile, Verizon, and so on run circles around T but I can disagree when those same people say that you should dismiss this stock because of their poor performance in the past. It's unfair... —  read more 

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Reason to use a company DRIP plan?

Recently I added ATT shares to my portfolio. I’m buying them slowly and I’m interested in a dividend reinvestment plan. I had doubts because T charges a lot of fees for the DRIP process, but more experienced people advised me that there is no need to... —  read more 

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