Topics regarding Sysco (SYY) stock

Topics regarding Sysco (SYY) stock

One of my better decisions

This is one of the few stocks I decided to hold on to in the last several years no matter what, and it was one of my better decisions. SYY has continued to recover over the past two years and has been performing well consistently. I've been adding... —  read more 

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Is SYY worth a buy?

To put it really simply, a good rising momentum is visible with SYY which makes it tempting to me. Aside from that, what bothers me is the fact that this stock has the tendency to dip in a short period of time. Also, they are now close to their 5y... —  read more 

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SYY is not overvalued

I see so many "analysts" claiming that SYY is overvalued and that simply isn't true. This is a great business that has been consistently performing well. I can only see more improvements and an increase in dividend in the (not so distant) future. I'm... —  read more 

Q3 prediction?

I'm not sure what drives this stock up... I'm surprised by the speed with which Sysco is recovering, considering that the restaurants were closed. I think the company was successful (as much as possible) when it comes to managing business amid the... —  read more 

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