Topics regarding Nike (NKE) stock

Topics regarding Nike (NKE) stock

Has Nike reached its peak?

I certainly think so. At first sight, the company is doing well and continues to grow, and looks very healthy (in terms of business). Aside from those facts let’s keep in mind that this is an expensive stock to buy and that times have radically... —  read more 

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So, so overvalued

Many say that NKE is a long term play for them and that it has made them a lot of money, that is, it is a stock that is bought and never sold. I still think I'll turn to some other stock. Does the $171 price point make any sense? It's too... —  read more 

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Nike will be worth it

Nike is the quintessential buy and hold. To some people, it may not look that tempting but if you are patient you will see that this investment will pay off ten times over. Trust me, it's true. Don't reject the opportunity to invest in the... —  read more 

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Dead money

I plan on selling everything I have. And I mean absolutely everything. Is there anyone else who would most rather do this? It was not a good investment for me at all. Nike was just dead money for me and now I’m looking for something new. Maybe Adidas... —  read more 

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