Topics regarding Macy's (M) stock

Topics regarding Macy's (M) stock

Pure speculation

Shares move higher after Kohl's has reportedly received two takeover offers. I think Macy's as another potential takeover target is pure speculation that will not come true. But still, who knows ... What do you think?

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I think I’ll pass on Macy’s

Just looking at some stock to buy. When I look at Macy’s the stock price is tempting and the stock seems to have an upward momentum. Something to think about. After a couple of days of weighing it out I decided not to buy it. Some may find my logic... —  read more 

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When to sell

The future seems bright for Macy's, at the moment at least. They're growing in digital and I'm noticing that folks are showing interest in their remaining brick-and-mortar stores. Maybe it's the nostalgia for in-store shopping or maybe people are... —  read more 

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