Topics regarding General Motors (GM) stock

Topics regarding General Motors (GM) stock

Missed earnings

Earnings slumped 42% and that's awful. I hope that GM remains one of the top auto stocks to buy, but I'm thinking more and more about getting out. Do you also think that GM is in trouble or do you expect it to recover quickly?

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GM, a lot of uncertainty?

Even though I bought GM shares at the beginning of summer I am very tempted to sell. The stock has been on a steady rise since then so I will be able to scrape some profit by selling. Generally I invest long term but I admit I was seduced by a... —  read more 

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Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what I should do with GM. I don't know if I should hold or sell it altogether. Holding it doesn't seem attractive to me and truthfully, I WANT to sell it but I don't know when the time will be right for me to do it. I... —  read more 

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The future of GM

GM is a stock I have never seriously considered in the past, until recently that is. I really am impressed with how the company is managing its business lately in this ruthless car industry but I can't help but wonder if this stock will remain this... —  read more 

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Could you compare GM to F?

Despite the semiconductor shortage being probably the worst supply issue of the industry, I am thinking about which automobile manufacturer is better for my portfolio. Ford earnings crushed expectations and that stock looks very tempting, but my... —  read more 

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