Topics regarding Facebook (FB) stock

Topics regarding Facebook (FB) stock

Can Meta recover?

Let's face it, inflation is already having a major effect on advertising and there is no slowdown in sight. When companies have to tighten their belt, advertising is one of the first things to get slashed, and this is already happening across many... —  read more 

The metaverse won Xmas!!!!!!!

I was not surprised at all by the news that the Oculus app hit NÂș1 download right after Christmas Day. I have no doubt that FB shares will soon reach $400. Is there anyone who is not confident about FB's long term growth? I don't believe there are... —  read more 

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Will Meta save FB?

I've been a bit worried lately about the direction FB was going, so I'm welcoming to any attempts to fix that. I'm just not sure if this Meta change will really help, especially in the long run. I'm still uncertain how to process this info. What are... —  read more 

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