Topics regarding Ford Motor Company (F) stock

Topics regarding Ford Motor Company (F) stock

Is F a buy now?

Last year I made a very nice amount on Ford. Should I buy more now? At the moment it seems to me that most people are trying to sell F. I don't know, I'm not sure... July sales jump. Meanwhile, price hikes are on the way, F-150 Lightning model is... —  read more 

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Dividend increase

I am delighted after it was announced that the quarterly dividend on Ford shares will rise to 15 cents per share. Did you expect this kind of upping the dividend? Some people I know thought that the complete opposite would happen, that there would... —  read more 

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Has Ford peaked?

After consistent growth and going over $16, it looks like Ford seems to be in the steady decline stage. Nothing too drastic but it's been going on for long enough to give me pause. I'll keep an eye on it for a bit longer, but if it continues like... —  read more 

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People waiting for single digits

I bought shares and now I wonder why there are those who believe F will fall to $7 again? What are the arguments? I don't believe it's going to fall that much. However, if Ford does not consistently produce good quality products and get them to... —  read more 

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I think I might finally be in

Ford's revenue and earnings growth are making me reconsider my bearish position on the company. Both have been rather impressive for the current year and they look to continue the trend in the next year. This is more than I expected to be honest and... —  read more 

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Should I worry?

I admit, I'm new to trading and I bought some F shares right before the pandemic. After the first shock, it was nice watching the stock recover in the past year but now that it has stalled for a few weeks and has been actually trending down I wonder... —  read more 

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