Topics regarding Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) stock

Topics regarding Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO) stock

Why is Cisco stock valued so law?

Cisco has been sitting in the 40 dollar range for a long time. How is it possible that the stock of a company that dominates the market in a large degree is valued so low? Forgive my ignorance, it is possible that other people are seeing something I... —  read more 

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Keeps improving

I was undecided on CSCO but lately, I've started to lean towards buy. Analyst estimates for both profit and revenue have been on the rise consistently, which is a really good sign. The stock has also been trending up for months and it seems it's... —  read more 

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Thanks but no thanks

I don't see it for this stock. Am I crazy...? I can't see any growth in the near future that could prove to be useful to my portfolio. My colleagues say that that is nonsense but I like following my instinct. I know that no major profit will... —  read more 

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CSCO looks stable to me...

CSCO shares look like a good addition to the portfolio right now, not so much in terms that it could grow in a more rapid manner and provide short-term profit to investors, but more in terms that it won’t cause anyone any headaches. Cisco is... —  read more 

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Made a mistake

A friend tried to convince me to buy CSCO in November and I resisted because I got burned once before not so long ago. Well, now I can see that I got burned twice. Had I invested when he told me to I'd have made up for what I'd lost in 2019. Now it's... —  read more 

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