Topics regarding BJ's Wholesale Club (BJ) stock

Topics regarding BJ's Wholesale Club (BJ) stock

The ultimate outperformer

I know that many are afraid of the fact that this stock is the “new kid on the block” but I see it as the ultimate outperformer on the market and everything points to the fact that it could stay like that for a long time. For me this is the... —  read more 

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Has the stock reached its peak

As far as I can see BJ is still the “rock star”. A lot of people are still buying it claiming it can go even higher. While that is not entirely impossible I tend to think that the more likely scenarios are that it might stagnate for a while or even... —  read more 

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Not ready to sell yet

I decided to take the plunge in November and haven't regretted it yet. If I sell now I'll double my money, but I'm in no rush. Things are looking good so far and I don't want to jump the g-n. Especially since BJ's also recently had major cost cuts... —  read more 

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Pretty confident about BJ

I couldn't help but notice that there's this tendency to underestimate BJ's Wholesale Club. There's this belief that they're going to tank once this pandemic blows over but I'm certain that the company will be doing perfectly in the long term.

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