Topics regarding PayPal (PYPL) stock

Topics regarding PayPal (PYPL) stock

Amazing earnings

Last year was extremely difficult because shares lost a lot of their value. I almost gave up but I still held on. Now the company's beat earnings expectations, the latest moves are all very good. However, I know that many are in dilemma about what... —  read more 

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Time to buy

Yes, PayPal has been dropping for months but that's exactly what's making it such a great buy right now. It might have been overvalued at one point, but we have reached the point where it is once again undervalued and is bound to recover at some... —  read more 

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Time to buy?

I like the announcement that Amazon customers will be able to pay using Venmo starting next year. The best news that could've happened after the Q3 revenue miss report! I expect $PYPL to hit record high.

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